Build the Perfect DIY Security System for Your Home or Business

Protecting your most valuable assets has never been easier with a DIY Security System Kit. Whether it’s for your home or business, you can build and customize a security system in minutes.


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How it Works


Start Building Your System

Start building your ideal DIY Security System Kit in a few clicks. Just answer a few questions with our step-by-step guide. 


Select Your Base System

After answering a few questions, we’ll provide a recommended base system that fits your needs. 


Personalize Your System

Personalize and finalize your order by selecting advanced features including motion sensors, smart thermostats, and more.


Launch Your System

With your custom security system in place, you’ll have a dedicated security professional who can help ensure a seamless installation. 

Protection, comfort, and convenience for every room, window, and door.

Indoor Cameras

Monitor your most protected assets in your home or office. 

Outdoor Cameras

Discover what’s happening on the exterior of your home or office. 

Doorbell Camera

See and talk to visitors from anywhere. Tap your app once to unlock the door and give access.

Smart Thermostat

Want to save on your energy bill and be able to adjust your home temperature from the office? The smart thermostat is right up your alley.

Door Sensors

Monitor when your doors open with immediate alerts delivered right to your phone. 

Water Sensors

Stop water damage before it happens with advance water sensors.

Discover your perfect DIY Security System in minutes.

Find the perfect security system in a matter of clicks. Take our quick assessment to start personalizing your system.

Why choose Steadfast Security?

No Contracts.

The customer always comes first. We design a system specifically for your needs. No overselling, no contracts.

You’re In Control

You own all of your DIY Security System equipment, keeping your monthly costs low, and your service simple.

Easy to Use.

After installation, we make sure you understand and feel good about using your DIY Security System before we leave.

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Talk with us today about home automation and security systems, so we can help you find the right system for your needs. Whether you’re after peace of mind or home automation, get in touch for a quote!

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