Installing a security system is a great way to protect your home, but have you ever thought about a doorbell security system? It’s like a normal system, but double the level of security. We connect a video doorbell to your system and then you can see who is standing at your door in real time. This is a great product if your kiddos spend a lot of time with a babysitter or invite friends over after school. You can see who is coming and going — it really is a lifesaver. That’s why I wanted to dedicate a post to the benefits of having a doorbell security system…

1. Know exactly when the delivery driver has left

Getting something delivered is always fun, but what if you could be notified exactly when an item is being left on your porch? I know, I know, some businesses can send you a text of when the item is left at your door. However, you know when you wait like two minutes just in case they’re still setting your order down? Now, with the help of our video doorbell, you can check on footage real-time and see if the person has left! No more peaking out the blinds to see if the person has made it back to their car!

2. Monitor your home on vacation with ease

Another perk of the video doorbell is it makes being on vacation a breeze. Need a maintenance guy to check a leaky sink? Be alerted when they show up to your house and finished the job. No you don’t have to worry about someone lingering around. This is also an ideal situation if someone is staying at your house while you are gone. You can be notified when they pull in the driveway, then you can unlock the door from your app for them. Simple as that!

3. Keep packages safe inside your home

Finally, our video doorbell can keep your delivered packages safe. When you’re alerted of the UPS guy at the door, use the app to talk to him through your phone and let him know you’d like your packages placed safely inside. If you’d rather, you can also ask them to place the packages in an out of sight location like behind a flower pot or piece of furniture.

Installing a video doorbell takes your home security to the next level. It gives you the comfort of knowing whose by your front door and the ability to speak to someone on your porch. Contact us now for a security system with a video doorbell and we will send you a quick, personalized quote.

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