Getting a security system is a great first step to protecting your home. Although, without proper upgrades over the years the functionality may do more harm than good. That’s why I wanted to put together a list of three signs for knowing when to upgrade your security system… Without knowing what to look for, it’s easy to forget when it’s time for an upgrade! Things to keep in mind when making this decision are:

– Are you satisfied with your current system and does it supplement your family’s schedule at home?

-Can you remember when your first system was installed and does the wear and tear effect the quality of video?

-Do you feel comfortable controlling your system and utilizing its features?

Now that we’re considering these situations…let’s dive into the three signs of needing a security system update!

Do you love how your system works?

How often do you use your security system? If it’s not frequent, why is that? Let’s say your system is malfunctioning and the company hasn’t been willing to fix the issue. It may be time to seek out a company who makes their customers their first priority. Along with that, if your current equipment is a common brand, the next company may be able to use parts of it for your new system. For instance, at Steadfast, we have a package called “Wired System Takeover” which allows us to leave your wired system in place and pair new devices to it!

How old is your system?

Another sign to consider is, how old is your system? If your system is working just how you want it to, why mess with it? That’s awesome. Now, if it’s mowing slower or not processing commands, it may be time for an upgrade. The good news is, we may be able to replace your cellular communications in Honeywell, DSC, and Interlogix systems. This means if your equipment is one of these brands, there’s a chance we could give you an upgrade without removing your entire system.

Is your system easy to control?

Extremely high tech systems can seem like a good idea at first, but if you don’t know how to use it, what’s the point? Steadfast offers a quality security system with smart products that accommodate your daily schedule, not burden it. Our technology is fast and convenient, but also simple to navigate. At the same time, our technician will never leave your home until you know how to control your system by yourself!

That’s a wrap! Remembering to upgrade your security system isn’t always high on the to do list. However, now that you know the signs for needing update, maybe you can move that task up on the list. Whether you don’t love your system, it’s pretty old, or it’s too complex to control – we’re here to help you with an upgrade. It doesn’t matter if we’re doing a wired takeover or starting from scratch, we will install a system that will your family will love and also keep them safe!

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