Am I the only one who hears “smart home” and automatically thinks of the Disney movie “Smart House?” As crazy as some of those gadgets are, many are real and can make your rush to school mornings much easier. Home automation can be a life saver, especially when you pick smart products that your family would use often. Are your kids in charge of locking the door before heading to the bus stop? Installing a smart lock to your front door can make it simple for you to lock the door from your office, in case someone forgets!

What functions will my family love?

As you begin the smart home transition, you’ll want to take a look at our article Six Reasons Why You Need a Smart Home. It gives you a great idea of what functions you might want for your family. For instance, I’m awful at remembering to shut the garage door. If this is a struggle for you, we can install a garage door controller. Then, we are able to connect the controller to your cell phone, which will allow you to close your garage if you’re not home.

In addition, you can add automation rules. This means you can schedule your garage door to close at a certain time, like when you normally arm your system at night. Another cool thing is if you accidentally leave it open, you can receive notifications letting you know.

Does it flood in my area often?

Heavy rain should be a factor while deciding on smart home products. If flooding is common in your area, it might be in your best interest to get a smart water valve. This device can shut off your water supply if a leak is detected. The valve is such a nifty product, especially if you’ve got a second home or vacation cabin. Instead of showing up to a wet basement or flooded room, you can be notified of the leak and schedule it to be fixed before major damage occurs.

Would I like to conserve energy and save money?

Monthly expenses can add up, especially with how expensive gas is lately. Have you ever considered cutting down on your energy usage? At Steadfast, we offer smart thermostats with our security systems. This device can track your energy usage and allow you to change the temperature of your home, from anywhere.

I like this feature because if it quickly turns to a steaming hot day and you’re at work, you can easily switch the temp of your home from your phone. Moreover, you can set certain rules for your thermostat and it can adjust the temp automatically for you if it gets to be a certain degree outside.

Want simpler no-contact deliveries?

Want to have a date night at home while the kids are asleep? No worries! Order all the best movie snacks and know exactly when your delivery driver arrives. Worried they might ring the doorbell, even though you mentioned not to in the delivery instructions? Our video doorbell allows you to talk through it, which means you can remind the delivery person to leave the items at the door and not wake the kiddos! 🙂

Whether you’re a family of four or a single bachelor techie, a smart home is never a bad idea. There’s a product for everyone. To look at our security packages and get started today, click here!

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