Last night there was a burglary on your street. You don’t have a security system and you’re panicked. Good news – give us a call and we can get you set up! If you’d rather, you can fill out our inquiry form and we can send you a quote 🙂 You should feel safe in your home with your family. That’s why I created a list of safety precautions to take when there is crime in your neighborhood…

1. Establish a safe word with your kids

You can protect your kids all you want, but what about when they head to the bus stop for school? Sit them down and discuss a safe word they can text you if they feel like they’re in danger. Not only will this help you get to them faster, but it will also give them better awareness of their surroundings. It will promote thoughts such as, “What does danger feel like?”

2. Pick a security system that’s right for your family

At Steadfast, we offer multiple residential packages. From 24/7 monitoring to a fully automated home, we’ve got you covered. A few great things we offer are mobile online access, which allows you to check cameras from your phone and arm your system if you’ve forgotten. Another feature is thermostat control, where you can set it to turn off when you’re away to save money on your energy bill!

3. Check locks on outdoor shed or gate

The less security your home has, the more likely a burglar will pick it. One of the first things you can do is find a lock for your backyard shed. To you, it might be a room full of tools, but to a burglar it’s an easy score if you have pricey lawn equipment 🙂 Next up, you’ll want to asses the locks on your gates and the stability of any fence. Loose boards can be simple to move and entering through the backyard is less noticeable!

4. Swap out your house key for user codes

When you ditch your house keys and utilize user codes, you eliminate the threat of someone finding your lost key or borrowing it. Having user codes are so helpful, you can even create temporary ones for house sitters or maintenance calls. I love this feature because during the holidays, house guests can let themselves in with a code if you’re not home yet!

I hope these tips were helpful for you!  It can be a little scary when there is a break in your neighborhood. Give Steadfast a call for peace of mind. We offer a great system and various ways to customize yours to make it your own. For instance, you could add on a video doorbell and know exactly when your Amazon order is delivered! Another idea is to throw in a few window sensors if you have some kiddos who like to try sneaking out. To get your system now, you can fill out an inquiry and get a quote here!


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