You’re excited to move into your new home, but then you panic and remember you can’t take your existing security system. You spend the next hour calling companies to see how fast they can install one for you. A great thing about Steadfast is you will own your equipment. This means, whenever you move houses, the system can move with you!

This isn’t true for all companies, which is why I wanted to put together this home safety printable. In the midst of packing your things, home security isn’t on the front of your mind. However, as you turn out the lights in your new home on night one, you wish you would’ve thought of it sooner. Let’s take a look at the new home checklist I put together below, so you can feel calm and safe your first night in 🙂

1. Are there overgrown bushes that should be cut?

A factor in home burglaries are easy outdoor hiding spots. A big hedge or leafy vines could be the culprit for a burglar to pick your house. Simply plan to trim these down the following weekend and you’re one step closer to a burglar proof home!

TIP: Do you have a lattice or wood overhang that makes simple access to a second story window? Ensure this window can be properly locked and place an outdoor camera toward this point of entry, just in case!

2. Do the windows lock properly?

When windows are left unlocked or already broken, this can sometimes become a factor in a burglar’s case. Before nighttime, check each window to make sure it works correctly. The more work for the robber, the less likely they’ll hit your house. If you find a broken one, you can shove a big piece of furniture in front of it until you can get it fixed and a security system installed. Then, you will at least hear a noise if someone tries to break in! Are you finding these tips helpful? If you run a business, we have a security checklist for that too! You can read it here 🙂

3. What does the mailbox look like?

This may not cross your mind, but collecting the mail on your first night in is important. First of all, there could be a lot and second, this is a factor in home burglaries. When mail and packages are strewn about the porch, it makes the home appear unoccupied. It would be wise to throw it all on your kitchen counter for another day 🙂 If you’re finding yourself writing these down, stop! I created a checklist you can download at the bottom of this post!

4. Does each door have a lock that works?

There can be a lot of finicky things that come along with a new house, including creaky old doors. The smartest thing you can do is check the function of each lock sometime before the sun goes down. If you’re someone who often forgets to lock their door, we offer smart locks. These locks make it possible to lock your door right from your phone, in case you already left the house.

Our home safety printable…

Okay y’all, you are ready for the first night in your new home! Also, now you don’t have to fall asleep worried about an unlatched window or a broken door knob. Know your family is safe and let the first night in your new home be a memorable one. Along with that, the best way to guarantee protection is order a security system. You’re in luck because we offer two options –  a DIY security kit or a professional install. Whatever is up your alley, we’re ready to help 🙂 Review our packages here!

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