You’ve designed the store of your dreams head to toe. Great employees are hired and the mannequins are stunning. You are so excited to wake up every morning, but before bed the thought of someone breaking into your store, keeps you staring at the ceiling. This holiday season instead of worrying about your business, order a DIY Security Kit and focus on being present with your loved ones. Let’s jump into the best way to protect your business for the holidays.

Let’s talk about how it works!

Our security kit is designed for those who love to tackle things on their own, on their own time. This system can be used for your business or home. It’s customizable, in order to give you the best protection for your circumstances. To begin building your system, you can click here. We will ask you a few questions and provide recommendations based on the dynamic of your business. Good questions to keep in mind are, “What is most important to me at my store?” and “What areas should be monitored?” As a result, we will suggest items that will be the most effective for monitoring these spaces!

How it works

After reviewing your questions, we will choose a base system for you. From there, you will personalize your system with security products you’ve always wanted. You can add items like a smart thermostat, motion sensors, Lastly, you will finalize your order and a technician will be a phone call away for support.

Control your store from anywhere

Your DIY security kit is up and running, now you’re ready for the holiday craziness! Curious how long your cashier line is and want to check while you’re doing stock? Pull up our app and check the camera closest to the registers. Warming up outside, but you’re on your lunch break? Turn your store AC up from right where you are. Don’t want to risk employees copying keys or letting others borrow them? Make sure to get access control and then every employee can have their own user code.

The holidays are stressful for business owners, but they don’t have to be. With a Steadfast DIY Security Kit, you’re not only keeping your store secured, but also making things 10x more convenient. Cut yourself a break and build a DIY Security Kit now.

This system isn’t just for you. It’s for your employees too. Instead of running to let an employee in, simply unlock the door from your phone. Do you have temperature safe inventory? Don’t be anxious about employees checking it regularly. Pull up your app and check the temps of special cases or rooms. In addition to that, you can be notified if an employee enters a prohibited space, such as an office or expensive stock room.

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