As Halloween approaches, wouldn’t it be nice to keep an eye on your porch without having to look outside? Leave a bowl of candy on your steps because we’ve got your back! Instead of checking to see if someone has ransacked all your candy — pull up your app and see what’s going on by your porch. All of this is possible with Steadfast’s DIY Security Kit. Simply put a video doorbell in your cart and you’re set to relax Halloween night. Let’s now review more ways you can protect your home this fall…

Already started Christmas shopping?

It’s never too early to begin Christmas shopping! Yet, do you worry when packages get delivered when you’re at work? When you build a DIY security kit with Steadfast, the probability of your packages being stolen dramatically decreases. However, you can order an outdoor camera for your front door or a video doorbell. Now, you will have footage for the police if a thief did make away with something. To learn more about our video doorbell — you can click here!

Have a bonfire after the kids are in bed

Fall time isn’t just for kids! A bonfire and movie outside is a perfect way to celebrate the new season. After setting up our DIY security kit, chill outside, and build a fire! Then, when some time has passed, pull up your app and check on the kids rooms. This is much easier than taking turns running inside and upstairs every half hour. Know exactly what your kids are doing and enjoy the crisp weather!

Save on cold mornings with a smart thermostat

Is your home empty during the day? It might be time to get a smart thermostat to save money on your energy bill. With cold temps in the morning and warmer in the evening, home automation products can become life savers. Our smart thermostat can adjust its settings based on outside temperatures and you can note when people are home or not. This way, the air can be off in the morning and stay off until anyone comes home, in order to stretch your dollar. So, are you interested in other ways the smart thermostat could work for you? Take a look at this article.

Be alert with windows open

With crisp weather, it’s almost impossible to not want your windows open. Although this is such a fun thing, we can be forgetful with shutting them or leaving them unlocked. This is your gentle reminder to keep the windows on your first floor locked the majority of the time. With an open window, burglars can climb right on in without forcible entry. Since this is a possibility, you can add window sensors to your DIY security kit and this will allow you to be notified if one is opened or left unlocked.

Fall is one of the best seasons! Of course worries can come with each one, but with our DIY security kit we can crush many of these instantly. The video doorbell will keep future Christmas gifts safe and an indoor camera can help you and your spouse have a sweet date night outside. Our smart thermostat can save you a few bucks for the month and the window sensors will keep your family feeling protected even after you had every window open for the day. Whatever you need us for — we’re here. You can build your own DIY security kit here if you’re ready to get started!

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