What would make you sleep better at night? A scary guard dog or windows that lock properly? These things may cut down on your worry, but is that the best you can give your family? At Steadfast, we have multiple products that you can add to your security system package. These smart devices are designed to prevent and intercept break ins. With more people home than ever, it’s smart to crack down on safety precautions.

1. Use smart lighting to make it look like you’re at home

When you install smart lighting, you can manage it on our Alarm.com app. This allows you to schedule certain lights to come on at random times. By doing this, you can create the illusion of someone being home, while you’re on vacation. At the same time, most burglaries happen during the day, typically around normal work hours. Scheduling a light or two to be on at this time, could tempt a burglar to pass on your home. 

2. Opt for a video doorbell so your packages don’t pile up

Packages on the porch = gone on vacation. Even if you have five packages delivered at one time, it still looks like you might be away. With our video doorbell, you can be notified when the delivery man is at your door. This way, you can unlock it from the Alarm.com app and he can set the package inside if you’re not home. If you want the delivery man to do this on a regular basis, you can even assign him a code to use each time. Want to hear more about this video doorbell? Check out this post.

3. Install window sensors as an additional safeguard

When contact sensors are fixed onto windows, they supply an extra safety net. One third of burglaries are actually due to unlocked windows or doors. A sensor can send an alert to your phone letting you know a window has been opened. This is especially nice when you think you might’ve left one open and you’re already in bed. A quick scan of your Alarm.com app and you’ll have your answer right away.

4. Be careful about what you post on social media

The vacation is underway and your daughter just posted that you’re currently on the beach. A fun idea, but now half of the town knows your house is empty. If possible, try to post vacation pics once your back or avoid captioning your photo using present tense. According to Alarm.com, burglaries increase by up to 11% in the summer. To know more tips for a safer summer at home, check out this article.

Whether you’re heading to Jamaica or spending a weekend at home, you want your house to feel safe. By following this advice, you can limit the likelihood of a burglary. All in all, the greatest way to secure your home is to invest in a security system with smart technology. With Steadfast, we can find the perfect system for your family’s needs. Want to know more? Watch why this family loves their security system or start a conversation with us today.

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