Business security may seem self-explanatory, but there’s another level of it if you want to pursue if you’re going to withstand the worst circumstances. One of the best ways to safeguard your store is to make sure every employee is on the same page for security procedures. A few examples are: How will we react when someone has stolen an item from the store? Where will employees and customers go if there is an active threat in the office? Today, I wanted to review our greatest tips for training staff about security in the workplace.

1. Don’t make big, elaborate security meetings

Remembering how valuable your employees’ time is will take you far. When you plan a meeting on a Wednesday night, many people will have to find babysitters or walk to the office because they share a car with their spouse. The most convenient way to inform your employees politely and meet them where they are at, is present the new procedures during their regular work hours.

Yes, it may take some extra scheduling on the management side, but your employees will be thankful you thought of them. I would try to make the meeting as short as possible, but also hand out other protocols you will not being going over. To ensure they glance at them in their free time, holding a contest to see who can best remember them will really inspire workers to review procedures, especially if the prize is good!

2. Every piece of information delivered should be short and simple

A great way to get your staff to not read your security protocols is make it a five page packet. During the meeting, discuss the most important procedures and then leave the rest to the cheat sheet. When creating this doc, try to put yourself in your employee’s shoes. A disaster is happening. What questions might you have? Where to go, when to go, and how to go. Once you’ve covered the basics, read it over. Can anything unnecessary be cut?

3. Make sure managers know how to work the system if they have to

A security system is great, until someone who doesn’t know how to work it is left in charge. It will be important that a few managers who can be trusted, know the basics of their store’s security system. The owner will not always be there when an incident occurs, so it is smart to clue people in. Sometimes when a store needs to go into lockdown, it can take a long time to get in touch with the owner and get the go ahead. The cheat sheet for ‘managers only’ should read in what situations you are allowed to arm the system and keep everyone inside. Of course no one ever wants this to happen, but it will be key to make your managers as prepared as possible, to avoid any harm or damage.

4. Be intentional to cover common security threats

What kind of security threats has your office experienced in the last five years? Did you feel like the store handled it well or poorly? In this cheat sheet, run over these examples and the best possible way to counteract these issues. When you decide to hold one of the short, during the work day meetings, you could definitely highlight a past security threat each time and discuss what the best response is. Real life stories capture people’s attention better and it will help your employees relate to the situation, inspiring them to prevent similar issues.

Okay, I hope these tips assist you in training your employees on security ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember — it’s not about aesthetic documents and neat presentation. Focus on real security threats you’ve experienced and brainstorm the best response! One of the greatest ways to be ready for a breach, is to install a commercial security system. You can read about our packages here!

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