You’ve heard about video doorbells, but like what do they actually do? Today I wanted to run through the perks of having a video doorbell and why I ordered one myself! So, a video doorbell basically lets you know who is at your door before you get downstairs. When you log into your app, you can see who is standing outside and talk to them if needed! This works great if you ordered Thai food and would like them to leave the food at your door 🙂

Decide what kind of movement alerts you’d like to receive

Don’t worry, you won’t get a notification for every movement by your door. Our video analytics can actually figure out if it is an animal, person, or car hanging around. In your settings, you’ll be able to customize what kind of alerts you’d like to receive. If you let your dog out before bed, it might be wise to turn off animal movements.

Let guests in without being home

One of my favorite features is that you can let in house guests without being home. Stuck in 5 o’clock traffic, but your sister-in-law is already on your doorstep? Unlock your door from your app and they can relax until you get home! This also works great for when the UPS guy drops stuff off. Want that Christmas gift put safely inside? Unlock the door from your phone and even give him instructions from your phone’s mic! At the same time, you can watch to see if they set it down and leave. No worries about them possibly sticking around!

Avoid door to door salesman and know whose at your door before you open it

Not only does the doorbell help with safely delivering packages, but also keeping away burglars. It can be a big turnoff when they approach your front door and see a camera facing right at them! Another thing I love is that you don’t have to stand on your tip toes to see in the peephole or rush over to your blinds. This way, you can see who it is on your phone and they won’t hear your footsteps if you don’t want to open the door!

Remotely turn on your porch light to see whose at your door at night

If you’re having trouble seeing the visitor, you can remotely turn on your porch light. This can give you a better idea of who it is or even scare off someone who shouldn’t be there! Have you needed someone to come over and walk your pet before? Now, you can double check to see when they are coming and going. On top of that, you can let them in from your phone instead of creating a user code for them.

Okay, I hope you have a fair understanding of what a video doorbell is and how it can work for your family! From scaring off robbers to letting your house guests in early, this doorbell can really step up your home defense. If you’re tired of always running to the door and getting notifications for animal movements in your front yard, the Alarm. video doorbell is perfect for you.

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