Hate jumping into bed and realizing your patio lights are still on? With our security systems, you can add smart lighting to your plan and be able to turn your outdoor lights off from your phone! That being said, you can utilize smart light bulbs almost anywhere you can think of. Indoor, outdoor, in your cellar– you decide 🙂 Smart lighting is such a fun feature, but how do you decide where you need it? Let me help you choose!

Think about where you spend most of your time

The best way to know is to ask yourself, “Where do I hangout the most?” This space tends to be the one where lights are forgotten. It’s usually the living room for me, so I might want to think of other areas inside I might want it. You may be thinking, okay but how does this all work? Normally, you will pick out a smart bulb or use a smart plug to connect your light source to your system. Sometimes they can even be installed through a light switch as well.

Buying individual smart bulbs might break the bank

It could be tempting to purchase smart bulbs on your own and try them out. However, if you are looking for long term automation, I would advise using a smart home platform for your connected lighting. This way, you can be able to do more with your smart lighting. Such as, schedule the time the lights come on, even when you’re away to make people believe you are home. A trick like this can keep intruders out!

Outdoor lighting can set apart your backyard bash

If you love being outside, smart outdoor lighting might be up your alley. This may come in handy too when you have a backyard party! No need to run around and switch on lights, set them to come on a certain time automatically every night. Now you can fill the chip bowl without a second thought!

Control every smart light in your house from one app

Another great reason to go through a security company for smart lighting is you can manage your lights in the same app as your alarm system. Apps make control so much easier, but when you have more than one for your house automation, it can be confusing and take a lot of storage on your phone. Picture this. A bedtime routine that doesn’t involve checking every lock, light, and window.

Find connected lighting that fits in your budget

Like I mentioned earlier, you can buy a singular smart bulb yourself if you’re looking to only automate one area. However, it’s a much better deal to let us install connected lighting because we put it into your wall switch. This will allow you to pair a variety of bulbs in your price range, since the smart technology is already integrated into your switch. It’s great because now you can control different lights with one switch!

Technology that anticipates your next move

An added benefit of having a smart home through Steadfast is that the connected lights can share information with other smart products in your home. By monitoring your movement, your system can do certain tasks for you based on previous activity. Take this for instance, you arrive home early morning from a flight and it’s still dark out. You’re almost home, so you remotely unlock your front door. This activity can then trigger your lights on the front porch to come on. Now you don’t have to stumble inside with luggage just to turn the switch on!

Smart lighting can help us move through life so much easier. Where would you put it? Living room or backyard? Maybe all over to capture whole home automation? Call us now to get a system and smart lighting for your home 🙂

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