You’ve spent years dreaming of the company you’d love to start and now the day is here. Your business is up and running, but you worry how you will keep this dream protected. When you decide to get business security, you’re setting your store up for ultimate success. Therefore, any safeguards you can instill will provide extra safety, if a scary incident were to occur.

Save money on your energy bill with a smart thermostat

Our technology can help create any environment you want. One of our products, the smart thermostat, can monitor a space’s temperature from your phone. For example, this could come in handy if you have temperature safe inventory or want to turn down the AC for the weekend.

There is also a function where you can build a ‘scene’ which is a set of commands that can be done automatically for you. For instance, a command could be ‘adjust temperature an hour before opening.’ In addition to that, you can save your normal settings and the smart thermostat can conserve energy, when you don’t need to use any. Therefore, you might be able to make a few bucks back on your energy bill!

Get your gas money back

Tired of driving back to the store to see if you locked it? With our technology, you can check the status of your doors with an app on your phone. The best part is you can lock it from there too! Now, that’s a great way to save you gas money and get better sleep at night.

On another note, our system can lessen the amount of false alarms, making it less likely to show up at your store for a lingering raccoon. Another feature is automatic arming. This will be enabled if your office has been unlocked for quite some time and it is not business hours!

Stop paying for copied keys

Instead of keys, how about trying user codes? This way, each employee can have their own code and if need be, you can just delete the code if someone is fired or decides to leave. User codes are a good option because it eliminates the likelihood of losing a key or letting it be borrowed. Most importantly, this list of employee codes can be accessed from your phone, which is amazing because it will allow you to remove codes instantly.

Have multiple locations to watch over? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In our app, you will be able to see user codes for all locations and change settings for each of them as well. Forget driving an hour to another location, change the arming schedule right from your phone. One of the best features is exporting footage from anywhere and for any location. This could be very helpful if you have a customer you must be cautious about or an employee with a few too many strikes.

Okay, that’s a wrap! I hope implementing these ideas into your business saves you a dime or two. If you’re ready for a system now, you can create a DIY security kit here or contact us for a quote and we’ll install for you 🙂

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