Ever wonder if you’re doing all you can to keep your business protected? This week I thought I’d run over a great foundational checklist for business owners who want to know their storefront is safe. For that reason, let’s jump into how to secure your store…

1. Swap out company keys for user codes

Providing store access for your employees has never been easier. Rather than handing out keys with the chance of them being copied, switch to user codes. In fact, access control allows the owner to know exactly whose coming and going from their store. Need to remove an employee from the access list? It’s simple, head to your account and delete their code. Now, you can be alerted if they try to get in again or pass their code onto someone else. Besides, as long as the code is deleted, the won’t be able to enter the property.

2. Manage multiple store locations in one setting

With our technology, you can check in on multiple locations in one dashboard. We refer to it as the ‘Enterprise Dashboard.’ This feature allows you to manage your alarm state, routine door locks, and thermostat settings. Equally important, having this dashboard can be extremely helpful in critical situations. As an example, you can export recorded footage from any location and solve a store issue much quicker!

3. Ensure your intrusion detection technology is up to date

Do you feel like a security system can sometimes be more work than help? At Steadfast, this isn’t the case. Our security technology is perfect for protecting commercial property and eliminating system errors, like false alarms. In addition to that, if your property has gone a few hours without being armed, it will arm it for you. Similarly, you can have it automatically alarm once your business hours have ended!

4. Install smart video surveillance

Using our perimeter detection software, you can be notified when people or vehicles arrive to your property. At the same time, our system knows better than to alarm you of a stray animal or streetlight shadow. On another note, when sifting through footage, you can save time and head to ‘Important Events.” Now, you’ll see a list of entries or unusual activity and find what you’re looking for faster.

5. Manage your energy usage

When you have one of our smart thermostats, you can monitor your energy usage. It can come in handy especially when you have refrigerators or deep freezes to watch over. In addition to that, you can change your store temp from home after hours. Easy money save!

Woo! We made it through the checklist. If you’re ready to get these items ticked off your list, contact us today or order your very own DIY kit. Our system can be paired with any of these products and features. Therefore, don’t take time and try to maintain this protection with multiple brands. Call us and we can put together the perfect system for you. Plus, that doesn’t involve thinking!

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