Have you wanted a security system, but not every gadget that comes with it? It’s your lucky day because we just launched our very own Do-It-Yourself security kit. We give you the chance to build a kit you want and can install yourself. Not sure what items you’d like to try? Take a quick quiz and find out exactly what devices will perfectly suit your family’s needs. Speaking of that, let’s break down the perks of designing your own system.

Create a security kit strictly for you

When you’re able to choose your own security products, you can decide what’s in your budget and what you could maybe save for in the future. This is great, because you aren’t being pushed into a security package that’s too expensive or isn’t necessary for your square footage. Lastly, you can always add extra items to your kit like flood sensors, garage door control, and smart locks. Ready to build your kit now? Click here.

Our DIY kits are limitless. Build one for your business too.

On another note, these DIY kits can be built for your business! You can add security products like smart energy management, glass break detectors, and remote management. The best part? You don’t have to make any commitments or sign a contract. Whether you’ve got multiple locations or a tiny brick and mortar, we’re here to help you create the best security system for your storefront. Have more questions about business security? Head here and learn about each security product we can offer you!

Take our quiz now and find out what products were made for you.

You may think, okay this sounds great, but what if I have questions while installing? That’s no issue! You can call us and a certified technician will walk you through any step. Our focus is to make you feel safe and confident using your security kit! That’s why our quiz runs through a few questions because we believe one size never fits all and we want to give you products that will do the most for you. This quiz calculates what DIY Kit is best based on if you have a home or business, entrances you want covered, and the square footage of your property. To sum up, it really covers everything!

Install yourself and always call if you need us

Take the quiz and have something unique you want protected? Call this number now and get a second opinion, 308-217-1133. Security is about peace of mind and convenience, try our DIY Kit and set up protection on your own time. Let us protect your most important people, places, and things.

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