Tired of hearing your friends rave about their security system and not understanding the costs behind it? In this post, I’m going to break down the actual numbers! At Steadfast, we want you to have the best protection, but also know what you’re paying for. That being said, let’s run through what you’ll pay for one of our systems. We offer multiple packages, so it’s possible to only use a few cameras if that’s what you need. Not only do we provide services for residential homes, but also options for businesses.

Security Plans That Put Your Home First

To start, let’s dig into our home security plans. We have three options: Signal Forwarding, Residential Basic, and Residential Premium. Signal Forwarding is our simplest package. It comes with a triggered alarm that will contact our central station, you at your home, and the authorities. This plan starts at $29.99 a month plus tax. If you’re thinking, man this would be amazing for one of my family members too, we got ya. Take a look at How to Keep Loved Ones Safe During Quarantine. 

What Do I Get With Each Plan?

For Residential Basic, you will have access to our mobile app and have the option to add on a smart thermostat. The plan also comes with the basic services in Signal Forwarding. Residential Basic runs $39.99 a month plus tax. 

The best security plan we offer is the Residential Premium. In it, you will have the ability to add smart locks, garage door controllers, and doorbell cameras. This plan will include items from the basic plan as well. For extra details on these bundles, click here to read on! If you already have a security system, but are looking for an upgrade, we might be able to help.

What If I Already Have a System Installed, But Want to Upgrade?

For Honeywell, DSC, and Interlogix systems, we can replace the cellular communications to avoid tearing out your existing system. Now, let’s talk about the packages we have for this work and what it entails. If you have a system I mentioned above, you will want the Residential Wired System Takeover. 

In this package, we will update your wired system and grant you the opportunity to access your system remotely! Then, you can add other devices if you’d like. Keep in mind, the equipment is only a one time fee. Meaning, you’d only pay for the new cellular communicator in this case.

Breaking Down Equipment Cost and Pricing

Our Residential Basic Package comes with a beginner system that provides protection for the average home. With this package, you have the ability to add sensors or smart commands. The equipment in this deal includes a touch screen security keypad, four door/window sensors, and a motion sensor. To learn more about our equipment and its capabilities, head here!

Now that you know what we offer, what plan do you see yourself utilizing? Click here to start a conversation and get your home secured ASAP! Still considering the idea? Here’s an article on why a security system is definitely worth it!

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