The holidays are here, is your home ready? With friends and family in town, your home tends to see a lot of foot traffic. This can be a good and a bad thing. With Steadfast, we can get you set up with a system and video doorbell that lets you know exactly who’s on your porch. The best part? You can securely let people in, without even answering the door! Let’s jump into a few other ways to prep your home for the holidays. 

1. Catch a fallen Christmas tree with a motion sensor

Have a cat that loves destroying your Christmas tree? Using our smart technology, we can help you avoid a fallen tree and other holiday catastrophes. If we install a motion sensor near your tree, you may be able to prevent a tiny fire in the middle of the night or your cat ripping apart one-of-a-kind ornaments.

2. Need Santa proof? We’ve got you covered.

On Christmas Eve, it’s possible to log into your account and create a ‘Santa Visited’ notification. This way, when the kids seem skeptical, pull out your phone! It doesn’t take long to do and you can even rename your sensor, so the notification reads ‘Chimney was opened at 12:32am.’ Details for how to do it, can be found here. 

3. Don’t let your life become a home alone movie.

Everyone’s seen home alone. Did you know you can make your home look occupied, without leaving one of your kids behind? With our smart technology, you can play your everyday routine from a family Christmas across the country. This routine could include lights being turned on at various times of the day to make it look like there are people home. 

4. Check the radar and then your thermostat.

If it’s gonna snow while you’re away, you’re going to want to turn down the thermostat lower than you thought. Then, while you’re gone if there’s surprising weather, you can turn it up or down further from your app if you need to.

smart thermostat

5.  Stop recording in certain rooms for guest privacy.

Security cameras might freak out your guests a bit, especially if there’s one in their room. To avoid them tip toeing around and feeling uncomfortable, show them how the system works. On your phone, give them a glimpse of the window where you shut off their room camera and can build a user code for them.

Whether you’re hunkering down for the holidays or hitting the road, Steadfast has your back. If you leave on your trip and forget to arm your system, power it on right from your phone! If you’re cleaning the house for a party, check out who’s at your door from whatever room you’re in. When it’s just the delivery man, you can let him know to leave the package on the stoop, by using the speaker on your phone and video doorbell.

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