Has your card expired and you’d like to update your payment info quickly? Look no further. I’m about to show you how to log into your account and switch your card information in a flash. To start, login to your Steadfast Security account using Alarm.com. Then, click the ‘Settings’ button in the left hand menu bar.

Find the billing tab and check existing invoices

Next, you’ll click ‘Billing,’ which should be the sixth option on the list. Once there, you can see if you have a past due balance and what the invoice number is. To change payment info, hit ‘Change’ under the ‘Current Payment Method’ section.

Change payment info and decide on automatic billing

A new window should pop up that allows you to add a different card. Keep in mind, you can only save one method at a time. After you’ve filled everything out, hit save and decide whether you want this card to be billed automatically every month. If not, there’s a slider above the ‘Change’ button.

The circle will be closest to the word ‘Auto payment’ if you don’t wish to use this card to pay on a monthly basis. When you click the circle, it’ll slide to the right and be blue if you want to use this card for auto payment.

Looking to pay balance? Here are some tips!

Alright, that’s it! I hope you were able to update your payment info successfully. If you were looking to just pay your balance, I can walk you through that too! In the same ‘Billing’ window, you’re going to click ‘Pay Now’.

After that, select what you would like to pay for.

You don’t have to use your saved payment method if you don’t want to. Well, I think we’ve covered all the steps! Let us know if you need more help. In addition to that, curious about adding more smart home products to your package? Check out this post about Six Reasons Why You Need a Smart Home!

If you have any other questions, please give us a call at 913-712-0013. Want to come back to this post? Pin it here and save it for later!

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