What do you think makes a safe home? A security system or watch dog? Have you ever thought about things you can do to ensure your home is less appealing to a burglar, that doesn’t involve technology? According to Alarm.com, two-thirds of homeowners worry about their home security once a month or more. So, let’s lower the stress by talking about some cost free security measures. Here’s five security mistakes to avoid and help decrease the chance of roaming prowlers.

1. Let hedges run wild

Oftentimes, a burglar will analyze a home’s upkeep before deciding where to hit. If they notice overgrown bushes, they know they have a better chance of not being seen while breaking in. Keeping your hedges nice and plants maintained, will help deter a prowler. It’s a smart idea to take care of this now while the weather is warm too!

2. Leaving mail and packages on the steps

When a mailbox is full and there’s packages on the steps, your house says gone on a trip. Even if this month is just busier than others, a burglar still sees this as an empty house and easy score. Try to ask a neighbor to collect your mail while you’re on vacation. Or you could have one of our security systems installed and have the ability to assign user codes. A code could then be assigned to your mailman and he can safely place your packages inside, if you’re away.

3. Putting spare keys in obvious places

The best feeling is when you lock yourself out of the house and remember you have a spare key hidden. Although this idea is great in a pinch, usually a robber can guess your secret spot. With one of our systems, you can add a smart lock and use key less entry. No more leaving your keys at the office! At the same time, if you still want to hide a key, pick the most unusual spot you can think of.

4. Keeping large boxes out by the curb

Just invest in your first smart tv? Awesome, now remember to fold down the giant box it came in. When you throw a large box out by your dumpster, it screams we just spent some big money! If you fold boxes down small and stick them in the container, someone passing by won’t notice what kind of box it is! 

5. Forgetting a ladder outside

Painting the house this weekend? That’s great, but don’t leave the ladder outside overnight. I know I know, it’d be so much more convenient. However, a robber sees a ladder and thinks easy access. At the end of the day, store it back in the garage and lock the door. This way, someone can’t easily enter a second story window! To check out more security mistakes, read this article. 

You don’t always have to spend money to protect your home. Although, doing these things and installing a system is a great combination for keeping your family safe. Ready to equip your home with a convenient and easy-to-use system? Contact us today and get started. 

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