Since the country is beginning to open up, I bet you’re itching to reschedule that beach trip you had planned for May. Ready to book your plane tickets, but nervous about leaving certain things behind? With a security system from Steadfast, you can travel with ease and solve simple issues right from your beach chair!

Keep your home maintained with user codes

Just finish your plant sanctuary, but don’t want to spot your neighbor a key to water them? Instead, install one of our systems and have the ability to create user codes. This way, your neighbor can get in and out without a key. Plus, the code can expire the day you get back from vacation. The same thing can be done if there’s a water leak and you need a plumber to check it immediately.

Give your delivery man access

Not sure who to ask to keep your packages safe while on your trip? Don’t ask anyone! With our video doorbell, you can communicate with the delivery man when he’s on your doorstep. You can unlock your door so he can set it inside or you can designate a user code for him. Loving what the video doorbell can do? Here’s a post all about its greatest features.

Check the house, but don’t double check

Look for open windows before you leave, but you don’t have to spend a half hour checking every room. Accidentally forget to turn down your thermostat? Don’t badger your parents to run over there and switch it down. Pull up your app and easily dial it down yourself. Yes, this can be done while you’re catching up on your reading and the kids are splashing in the pool!

Practice responsibility with your kids

Does one of the kids have to stick back because of a school obligation? Instead of assigning a family friend to watch them, give them a little responsibility! Well partial responsibility, because you’ll be monitoring their every move via our app. Watch how it works here! This way, you can keep an eye on who enters the home and when a door unlocks at night, when they should maybe be in bed!

It’s been a long time cooped up, you deserve a vacation! With Steadfast, preparing for a trip can be much simpler. No more driving keys to someone’s house or wishing you’d round up a neighbor kid to snag your packages. Let our security do the work and relax so you can be your best self when you get back! We’re here to make your life simpler and keep your family protected. Check out this post if you want to know more about smart security and contact us today, if you’re ready for a system now.

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