Need something special to spice up your home and help you out when chaos arises? Then, the smart doorbell is for you. Ever been making dinner with hands full and the doorbell rings? Your husband can easily check his phone before making a mad dash to the door. If someone’s leaving a package, there’s no need to run to greet them. Here’s why we love the smart doorbell…

Talk to the delivery man through your video doorbell

Picture this, you’re in the nursery feeding the baby and someone’s at the door. The baby is half asleep, but it might be the delivery guy dropping off your mother’s birthday gift. It cost a chunk of change and you don’t want to risk it being stolen. Since you have a smart doorbell, you can use your microphone to tell the delivery man to set the package safely inside your door. You easily avoided jolting a sleeping baby.

Catch a prowler on video

This doorbell doesn’t just keep your online purchases safe, it also works as an outdoor camera. Is a stranger lingering by your door? Your doorbell camera will capture a video when motion is detected. The clip can be saved to your cloud and reopened if you wanted to report the incident to the police. This will assist in identifying the person and keeping the neighborhood on high alert. To add a smart doorbell, you will first need to set up a security system with us. This system will then act as a hub for the smart products in your home and will signal commands to these devices when necessary. Have any questions? Call us now at 913-712-0013!

smart video door and lock monitor

Receive video alerts from the kids

Like a text when your kids come home from a friend’s house? Instead, when they walk through the door, they can send you a wave and a video will be sent to your phone.  No more waiting on Face Times from the office! Want to see the smart doorbell in action? Here’s a video that showcases its best features.

Silence your doorbell with our ‘do not disturb’ mode

Finally, our smart doorbell has an insanely cool feature called, do not disturb. This means when the house is quiet, your doorbell can be too. Just switch on this mode and snooze with the kids. Don’t worry, your phone can still alert you if someone shows up at the door. Want to know more perks about our video doorbell? Check out this blog post for additional benefits. system near front door

As businesses begin to open up and people go back to work, it’s nice to know you have a system that will keep you updated on your home. Different routines trigger forgetfulness. With our smart doorbell, watch who shows up to your door and know when your new favorite shoes arrive!

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