When you’re spending most of your time at home, you want to know your family is protected. Whether you’re looking for basic security or full home automation, Steadfast Security can help you out. With school cancelled and daycares closed, monitoring your kids around the house is more important than ever. Plus, who wants to peek out at the backyard every half hour? Our app can allow you to check an outside camera right from your phone!

A look at how our basic security package works

Our basic package covers a security alarm. If triggered, our central station will be notified and they will try to reach you. Then the authorities will be contacted and if you were not reached the first time, they will try again. This system is extremely reliable because our security cannot be disconnected by a cut phone cord. Worried about running an errand and leaving the kids? Now you have an extra security cushion! Here’s a closer look at our security services.

Automate your home with a smart thermostat or lock

The next deal is residential premium and includes convenient access to our mobile app. It also makes it possible to add a smart thermostat to your security plan. If you’re home all day, smart thermostats are great for changing your temperature for you, while the weather differentiates throughout the day. 

Our strongest security package

Residential deluxe, our best security package, offers exactly what the premium does and other life changing security products. For example, in our deluxe, you can install garage door controllers or smart locks. This way, if you forget to shut a garage door, you can close it on your way to work from your phone! In addition to that, a doorbell camera can let you know when you have a package delivered. Much less of a chance of someone stealing it off your front porch! You can read more about how our smart technology can counteract package theft here.

Helping small businesses survive

Since many restaurants are still closed, it’s important to order takeout or delivery. This will keep their profit flowing and allow them to stay open. Our doorbell camera is convenient for this scenario. Want to order Chinese and do contactless delivery? Check the camera on your phone and see if your food has arrived. No more awkwardly opening the door before the person is gone!

What does your current system do for you?

Even if you already have security, do you love it? Outdated systems can be more of a pain than anything. At the same time, is it easy to control? When it isn’t convenient to use something or it doesn’t work properly, it’s hard to make the effort to turn it on daily. Your security system shouldn’t be like this. It should simplify your world and be raved about to your friends. Steadfast can give you this dream system and we won’t leave your home until you’re confident you can control it on your own. Our instructions are straightforward, so learning will be a breeze! If you want to know more about what to consider when buying a system, check out this list.

As the country begins to open up again, you will want to get out of the house for fresh air. When you leave, wouldn’t it be nice to know your home is guarded and being monitored? Start this new chapter with home protection and relief knowing your family is safe. To get started, contact us today!

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