Who would’ve guessed we’d spend most of our spring inside shielding from a pandemic? Even though the next couple months will be uncertain, we can help dial back some of your worries. Are you anxious about a loved one living on their own? Steadfast Security offers a service called Wellness, that allows the elderly to live alone, but be closely monitored by our technology. Here’s why we love it…

Security system for your family members

Wellness keeps an eye on your family member’s movement and alerts you if they do something unusual. Simultaneously, we have an alert called Up & About that sends a notification if there is a long period of time without any activity. Overall, this service is for those who want to live independently, but who might need someone to look out for them at the same time. Since it’s critical to stay inside right now, Wellness can assist in keeping your loved ones safe and indoors. To see more perks for our Wellness system, click here.

Easy home automation so you can’t forget

To make things easier, Steadfast can help you automate tasks like turning on lights and kicking up the thermostat. Our security system acts as a hub for smart devices, which gives it the power to send commands to specific security products. This is perfect for keeping your loved ones on a routine and automatically completing tiny jobs, that will lighten their daily to do list. Steadfast Security isn’t only for the elderly, we’re here for young families too! See Six Reasons Why You Need a Smart Home, then decide.

Check in on family members with the Alarm.com app

This service isn’t only for those who need their memory jogged. It also works great for when a family member doesn’t check in for a few days. Instead of running over to their house, you can pull up your Alarm.com app and check out what they’re doing. No need to dash across town.

Wellness service makes living alone an option

On another note, assisted living can be quite expensive. If a family member becomes sick, installing a security system could supply an extra safety net for monitoring them from home. Along with that, our service can offer multiple features that a personal emergency response pendant cannot. Wellness can send alerts without a button being pushed and can pair with a bed sensor, if someone gets up in the middle of the night. To read more about Wellness, check out this article on Alarm.com.

We don’t know what tomorrow will look like, but Steadfast can make you or a family member feel safe today. Take a look at our system and find a package that works for your family. Click here to contact us and get a quote for your home immediately!

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