Ever wish you could control your bedroom lights from your bed? Now you can, with connected lighting. Smart lighting can come in different forms, but the one we’re raving about today is smart light bulbs. These can be screwed right into the socket like a normal bulb. Once they are installed, they can be connected to your wireless network. Now that you’re ready to go, time your lights to switch on while you’re out of town, to make it appear like someone’s home. Which is also the best security hack ever!

Light Automation for Home

You may think, but won’t someone be able to tell if lights are switched on at the same time every night? With our smart technology, you can schedule your lights to turn on at different times, in order to deter burglars. No more questioning if the one light you left on in the kitchen, will turn someone away! Altogether, our security system acts as a hub for your house’s functions. This permits your house to identify and fulfill your automation needs. 

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Save with Connected Lighting

Connected lighting can also save ya a few bucks. By programming your lights to turn off when you leave for the office, you won’t be able to forget. This will impact your energy bill and ensure you’re not wasting cash on a basement light the kids left on. To check out other kinds of connected lighting, read this article. 


Smart Home Hub

Overall, the best way to utilize smart light bulbs is to ask for a smart home platform. When this happens, your lighting can be informed of activity happening in your home. For instance, if you have a motion sensor, your lighting can be switched on when the sensor is triggered.


Your Connected Lighting Options

If you’re not convinced smart light bulbs are for you, consider our other connected lighting options. Smart switches can replace your old switch, screwed to the wall. There is extra work involved, but this way you are allowed to continue using normal bulbs.

Try Smart Plugs

Another route is trying smart plugs. These devices are nice because you can plug them into any power socket. To use them, plug a lamp into the box and be able to turn this light on and off right from your phone! If you want to see the top reasons why you need a smart home, see our last blog post! 


A Smart Home Solution That Works

To get the most out of connected lighting, you’ll want a smart home solution that will give you endless automation opportunities. When your smart devices are bridged together, your home becomes more secure and aware of normal household activity. Once you have a central platform, your home can generate better commands and safer suggestions for protecting your family.


Whether you want to dim your living room for a movie night or scare off a hungry animal, smart lighting is the easiest option. Start living a life of convenience and do it with smart light bulbs. Our Alarm.com technology is perfect for full home automation, see why this family loves our products too.

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