Looking to spend more time with your family? What if I told you, you could shave off an hour of bedtime prep, by upgrading to a smart home? It sounds complicated, but really, we do all the work. Let’s review six reasons why you need a smart home…



1. People Can Let Themselves In with User Codes

By adding a smart lock to your door, visitors can let themselves in with their own code. Having friends over for a movie night? Finish putting the kids to bed, while your friends make their selves comfy on the couch! The best part? You can set the code to expire the next day.

TIP: When you go out of town, create temporary user codes for dog walkers or maintenance calls. This way you’ll be alerted when they enter your home and you can ensure their code only works during a specific time.


little girls playing in living room

2. Schedule Lights to Turn Off with Smart Lighting

With smart lighting, you can set a designated time for your house lights to turn off. Usually asleep by 11 pm? Schedule your downstairs lights to turn off when you normally head upstairs. Smart lighting will save you a trek around the house and help you avoid wondering, “Did I switch off the basement light?” To learn more about smart lighting, click here!



3. Create a Sleep Scene and Lock Doors Automatically

One of our cool tech features is the ability to build “scenes.” These are routines composed of automatic tasks like locking doors, turning off lights, and changing the thermostat. It’s awesome because you can create scenes in a single smart home app, for your bedtime routine. Instead of locking every door, you could be tucking your kids in and reading them a story.



4. Turn Down the Thermostat without Leaving Bed

Do you like the house a little cooler in the nighttime? Schedule the thermostat to turn down a few notches at 11 pm. This is not only convenient, but it saves ya a few bucks! With our smart thermostat, it’s impossible to forget.

TIP: Build a geofence in your Alarm.com app, so that when you’re leaving work, your home thermostat will adjust to a more comfortable temperature, before you arrive home. 


smart home thermostat

5. Add Shutting the Garage Door to Your Sleep Scene

There’s nothing worse than tiptoeing outside on cold cement to close the garage door. With scenes, you can add closing the door to your sleep routine and keep your feet warm! Along with that, you can set up a notification alert, if you forgot to shut it before you leave for the office in the morning. The cool part? You can shut it from your phone! If you want to know what other tasks you can customize in scenes, watch this video.



6. Avoid False Alarms with Our Smart Video Analytics

You thought that having a security system was a good investment until it started going off every time the neighbor’s dog wandered into the yard. Steadfast Security provides video monitoring that can decipher whether the movement was from a raccoon or a prowler. This saves countless trips around the house with a baseball bat and waking up at 3 am, to an animal in your trash can!


smart video solutions for homes

Having smart home gadgets isn’t just the modern thing to do. It’s the perfect way to save time and money, while also keeping your family protected. Today, it’s easier than ever to install smart home features. If you’re ready to be surrounded by convenience, give us a call!

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